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“Cokolwiek zamierzasz zrobić, o czymkolwiek marzysz, zacznij działać. Śmiałość zawiera w sobie geniusz, siłę i magię.”

Snail farming – is it a profitable business?

Every single candidate for a snail breeder should prepare a precise business plan to avoid unnecessary risks and disappointment.
Some breeders say that possible profit exceeds investment costs by 100%. You have to bear in mind that such calculations do not include initial costs for preparing infrastructure, breeding stock or transport to a place of purchase.
Moreover, you have to be aware that infrastructure costs may vary considerably. For example:
– I spent around 35 000PLN on one of the buildings where I run breeding aimed at 20 000 cocoons.
– The cost of my second building was lower by 20 000 PLN due to the use of different materials.
– One of our clients spent 60 000PLN on having similar building made by a professional construction firm.
The material costs for feeding racks ( to be fitted in open-air pens) should be calculated at about 20 000PLN( estimated production – 10t)
The cost of a good breeding stock may vary as well and depends on many factors like the number of snails that were bought or terms and conditions of a signed contract.
Facilities maintenance is dependable on particular factors, too. Choosing wood to heat some rooms makes it around 1000 PLN a month but deciding to use oil means the costs increase even by four times.
Another thing that cannot be neglected is water. Costs connected with water may affect the price of every single kg of snails. The key factor is the size of your farm. On the whole , the bigger production , the smaller costs.
The price, on average, of 1kg of snails varies between 4 and 7 PLN. With approximate purchase price at 10 PLN/kg you have to plan this business very carefully. And you have to remember that it is not enough to buy snails. Everyday running of the farm requires some time and involvement.
To sum up, in terms of cost and time, snail farming is a relatively low risk business. Unlike many other livestock businesses it requires little startup and operating costs. Still, there are many factors like the abovementioned or labour costs( even subtle differences matter) that must be taken into consideration to make it financially predictable.

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In the end we would like to make you familiar with a few recipes for dishes with snails. The following dishes are tasty and very easy to prepare, which is also important. They can function as original alternative to typical dishes we serve at our homes.



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