Hodowla ślimaka Helix aspersa Müller

“Cokolwiek zamierzasz zrobić, o czymkolwiek marzysz, zacznij działać. Śmiałość zawiera w sobie geniusz, siłę i magię.”


    It is possible to start your business from buying cocoons. Then you have possibility to observe incubation and hatching process. One Helix aspersa Muller cocoon contains, on average, 100 eggs. They are taken out of incubation pots and placed into special boxes. One box is home to 15-30 cocoons. To prevent mould development during incubation time boxes are filled with acid ph soil. Boxes should not contain cocoons from different gatherings, for it may lead to problems with cannibalism. Small snails may devour cocoons. The incubation time lasts for about 2 weeks and depends on the temperature. You can postpone the incubation of the first cocoons and spur the incubation of others. Then there is no necessity to heat polytunnels in winter for a few snails.

We offer:
    - packed cocoons, 20-25 items in one package
    - price from 1,60 PLN / cocoon (around 100 eggs in each)

It is estimated that you need around 1,200 cocoons to produce one ton of snails with 20% loss being taken into consideration.


Become a snail breeder and earn money with us. Make familiar with our offer.

Reproductors, small snails, cocoons
Assistance at setting up snail farms
Equipment and accessories for snail farming


In the end we would like to make you familiar with a few recipes for dishes with snails. The following dishes are tasty and very easy to prepare, which is also important. They can function as original alternative to typical dishes we serve at our homes.



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