Hodowla ślimaka Helix aspersa Müller

“Cokolwiek zamierzasz zrobić, o czymkolwiek marzysz, zacznij działać. Śmiałość zawiera w sobie geniusz, siłę i magię.”



    These snails are selected at fattening stage and their aim is to form a new breeding stock. They are sexually mature and have not bred before. They should be kept in the cold store not shorter than 3 and not longer than 4 months. The minimal hibernation period enables us to destroy possible parasites (snail mites). Thanks to this procedure snails stay healthy and are free from mites. It is important not to exceed the maximum time of hibernation. Otherwise it may lengthen the time spent on stimulating them to activity after waking up in spring. Snails that are properly hibernated (not longer than 4 months) remain in good health after waking up. (possible loss should not be more than 1-2% ). Furthermore, snails chosen to form a breeding stock undergo the increased endurance process before and after hibernation. They are put into a carefully selected probiotics solution. It stops development of pathogenic flora on and around them. It also reduces the risk of bacterial illnesses and fungal infections. A good breeding stock kept in proper conditions should produce as many cocoons as snails that were placed onto breeding tables (within 3-3.5 months).

We offer:
    - carefully selected prime quality snails suitable to form a breeding stock and start a new farm
    - price from 25 PLN / kg
    - free training and counseling at all stages of snail breeding after signing a contract
    - training with no contract signed - 200 PLN

2.Small snails and undersized snails

    small animals are those ones that are 10 days old at maximum they are intended for further fattening in open-air pens .From February until April they are transferred from incubation pots directly to polytunnels or to open-air pens in May. Unfortunately we have to agree with 20% loss during the fattening, which means that you have to prepare 120,000 small snails to get one ton of snails ready for sale. Selling snails per kg does not give us information about their exact number so we sell them per item.
    Small animals are transported in special boxes made of styrofoam The risk of any damage or injuries is eliminated. We are experienced at snail transport at long distances, to Italy or Spain without any loss. There is no need to be afraid of the environment change : unlike what some breeders say snails may be transported successfully from their original place of birth. They need, on average, about one week to adapt to new environment but it does not disturb their growth. Adaptation time is unavoidable due to the access to open air conditions and temperature change. The undersized snails are those that have not grown up to a proper size in a particular season. They are gathered from open-air pens and hibernated in autumn. They are transferred back to open- air pens in spring. These snails have the edge of their shell curled and are not bigger than 7 g.

We offer:
    - 1- 7 days old snails ready to be placed into polytunnels or directly into open-air pens (they are available from March to May)
    - price from 1.80PLN/ 100 items.

- about two months old undersized snails to be placed directly into open-air pens(they are available from November to April)
- price from 2PLN/kg.


    It is possible to start your business from buying cocoons. Then you have possibility to observe incubation and hatching process. One Helix aspersa Muller cocoon contains, on average, 100 eggs. They are taken out of incubation pots and placed into special boxes. One box is home to 15-30 cocoons. To prevent mould development during incubation time boxes are filled with acid ph soil. Boxes should not contain cocoons from different gatherings, for it may lead to problems with cannibalism. Small snails may devour cocoons. The incubation time lasts for about 2 weeks and depends on the temperature. You can postpone the incubation of the first cocoons and spur the incubation of others. Then there is no necessity to heat polytunnels in winter for a few snails.

We offer:
    - packed cocoons, 20-25 items in one package
    - price from 1,60 PLN / cocoon (around 100 eggs in each)

It is estimated that you need around 1,200 cocoons to produce one ton of snails with 20% loss being taken into consideration.

4.Consumable snails Helix aspersa Müller oraz Helix aspersa Maxima

We offer:
Best quality consumable snails,
- alive, hibernated and sorted by size and quality.
- packed in special string bags and plastic crates (5 kilograms and more).
- providing cooling conditions at transportation
- big orders: free EU delivery.
- minimal order – 1kg.
- minimalne zamówienie 1 kg
- price from 4 PLN / kg


   The rich fodder apart from good environment conditions is the basis of fast and steady growth of snails. They need both- fresh green plants and nutrient fodder. Being fed only on plants snails are not able to grow to a desirable size during the season. So a balanced rich fodder is something that really matters and should be served regularly. The best results are achieved if we use extruded food components. Extrusion process is pushing the seeds and other food components through a special press. At the mouth of it there is a die plate with many openings. Due to the work of the extruder the feedstock is exposed to great pressure ( 20 mph) and temperature of 100o C. These conditions cause considerable biochemical changes inside the seeds, which leads to the breakage of bonds that create II, III and IV protein structure. Additionally the starch gelatinization takes place. Proteins carbohydrates and fats become more assimilable to animal. Extrusion improves grain digestibility and reduces its antinutritional effects. Still there are even more advantages of this process : antinutritional effect of protease inhibitors, lectins and tannin is limited. It enables higher participation of some fodder components in the fodder content. Extrusion limits the influence of some enzymes ,which results in better usefulness of the fodder. Another advantage of using this method is the destruction of most microorganisms such as fungi or bacteria. It also lengthens fodders edibility and stops some illnesses (salmonelloza) and limits the risk of contamination with fungal toxins. Extrusion also effects positively fodder's taste. At gelatinization starch divides into simple, sweeter compounds that are more favourably eaten. In turn, high temperature deprives some food components like soya or broad bean of unpleasant smell.

We offer:
premium quality fodder produced and recommended by veterinary surgeons.
   There are two lines of fodder and food supplements at our offer, namely:
- prestige line, products made of extruded components
- economical line, the best quality at affordable price
- food supplements – Nutri Boost
        - price 1,50 PLN / kg
        - orders over 25t free EU delivery

6.Equipment and accessories for snail farming

We offer comprehensive farm equipment such as:
- climate sensors and detectors
- tables for breeding
- crates and netting for packaging
- netting for fencing in
- complete design of open-air pens and their realizations.

Veterinary supervision

We offer :
- veterinary supervision of breeding stock
- prophylaxis diagnosis and illness control
- free diagnostics for our trading partners( with a signed contract)

We invite you to cooperation and to our shop.


Become a snail breeder and earn money with us. Make familiar with our offer.

Reproductors, small snails, cocoons
Assistance at setting up snail farms
Equipment and accessories for snail farming


In the end we would like to make you familiar with a few recipes for dishes with snails. The following dishes are tasty and very easy to prepare, which is also important. They can function as original alternative to typical dishes we serve at our homes.



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