Hodowla ślimaka Helix aspersa Müller

“Cokolwiek zamierzasz zrobić, o czymkolwiek marzysz, zacznij działać. Śmiałość zawiera w sobie geniusz, siłę i magię.”

Provencal snails.

Recipe for six portions/people

* 1kg of alive snails(Helix aspersa Muller)
* 300g of raw bacon
* 4 tins of cut tomatoes or 1 kg of fresh tomatoes
* 4 big cloves of garlic
* 1 onion
* Spring onion with chives
* Parsley top
* Chilli paprika
* Bay leaf, thyme and rosemary
* Orange skin
* Pepper, salt , olive oil

How to make it?

* prepare alive snails that have not been fed for about 4 days and wash them cool water
* make them hide in their shell and dispose of slime by using salt
- Wash the slime off with cool water
- Put clean snails into boiling stock

How to prepare a stock?
* put rosemary, bay leaves and orange skin into a pot with water
* add soil and cook for a while on low heat
* put snails into the stock and cook for about 1.5h taking the foam off

How to prepare sauce?
* We fry cut onions and chives in the olive oil
* Add bay leaf, garlic, thyme and cut onions
* Add bacon , mix it and fry it
* Add cut chilli, cut tomatoes and one spoon of ground pepper

Put cooked snails to the sauce. Mix it all and you get ready to eat dish. You should serve it with bread and dry white wine.

Enjoy your meal!


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In the end we would like to make you familiar with a few recipes for dishes with snails. The following dishes are tasty and very easy to prepare, which is also important. They can function as original alternative to typical dishes we serve at our homes.



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