Hodowla ślimaka Helix aspersa Müller

“Cokolwiek zamierzasz zrobić, o czymkolwiek marzysz, zacznij działać. Śmiałość zawiera w sobie geniusz, siłę i magię.”


    These snails are selected at fattening stage and their aim is to form a new breeding stock. They are sexually mature and have not bred before. They should be kept in the cold store not shorter than 3 and not longer than 4 months. The minimal hibernation period enables us to destroy possible parasites (snail mites). Thanks to this procedure snails stay healthy and are free from mites. It is important not to exceed the maximum time of hibernation. Otherwise it may lengthen the time spent on stimulating them to activity after waking up in spring. Snails that are properly hibernated (not longer than 4 months) remain in good health after waking up. (possible loss should not be more than 1-2% ). Furthermore, snails chosen to form a breeding stock undergo the increased endurance process before and after hibernation. They are put into a carefully selected probiotics solution. It stops development of pathogenic flora on and around them. It also reduces the risk of bacterial illnesses and fungal infections. A good breeding stock kept in proper conditions should produce as many cocoons as snails that were placed onto breeding tables (within 3-3.5 months).

We offer:
    - carefully selected prime quality snails suitable to form a breeding stock and start a new farm
    - price from 25 PLN / kg
    - free training and counseling at all stages of snail breeding after signing a contract
    - training with no contract signed - 200 PLN


Become a snail breeder and earn money with us. Make familiar with our offer.

Reproductors, small snails, cocoons
Assistance at setting up snail farms
Equipment and accessories for snail farming


In the end we would like to make you familiar with a few recipes for dishes with snails. The following dishes are tasty and very easy to prepare, which is also important. They can function as original alternative to typical dishes we serve at our homes.



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